fredo is a native new yorker, born and raised. originally from bk and now a resident of harlem for the past 20+ years.

he's a self proclaimed "art, fashion + photography junkie" since childhood. the son of hard working, immigrant parents. his mother was a seamstress, hence his love for fashion and his appreciation for the construction of a garment.

growing up, he was a bit of a nerd and an introvert. i guess you can say, he still is.

in the 80's he reinvented himself as a club kid, a product of nyc nightlife.


in the 90's, he reinvented himself yet again as an international flight attendant. he travelled extensively about the globe, living abroad in brasil and saudi arabia. innately bilingual, he has taught himself to communicate in four languages.

with the new millenium, the prodigal son returned home to new york city to pursue unfulfilled dreams.

"i have had the honor of assisting some of the industry's most notable fashion directors at publications such as W, VOGUE, HARPER'S BAZAAR, NUMERO and ELLE. i've been fortunate to have worked closely with icons of pop culture and legends of the fashion world. stuff fairytales are made of..."

so with 20+ years of experience assisting under his belt and 10+ years of working independently as a stylist, he is happy to report he is still extremely passionate about fashion. he has also come to the realization, he has a natural penchant for menswear.

so sorry ladies.